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Wind of Change

Thursday, July 6, 2017

The whole world against us on 1mdb

It is worrying!!!!
The whole world is talking about 1MDB.
But not in the Malaysian media.
Check it out.....

1. The Guardian (UK) reported:

2. The New York Times (US) reported:

3. Reuters (UK) reported:

4. Al Jazeera (Qatar) reported:

5. Financial Times (UK) reported:

6. The Wall Street Journal (US) reported:

7. Fortune (US) reported:

8. CNBC (US) reported:

9. The Australian (Australia) reported:

10. The British Broadcasting Channel (UK) reported:

11. Bloomberg (US) reported:

12. The Business Insider (Australia) reported:

13. The Independent (UK, Singaporean correspondents) reported:

14. The Washington Post (US) reported:

15. The Russian Times (Russia) reported:

16. The Asian Correspondent (Asia) reported:

17. The Times of India (India) reported:

18. Gulf News (UAE) reported:

19. Tempo (Indonesia) reported:

20. Handelszeitung (German) reported:

21. France24 (France) reported:

22. Bangkok Post (Thailand)  reported:

23. Manila Times (Philippines) reported:

24. Hindustan Times (India) reported:

25. Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) reported:

26. The Japan Times (Japan) reported:

27. South China Morning Post (China) reported:

28. The Straits Times (Singapore) reported: Malaysian PM Najib's wife linked to S$41.5m worth of jewellery bought with 1MDB funds