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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

RM23m Repair Bill Inflated


RM23m repair bill inflated, says MP
KK Member of Parliament, Dr Hiew King Cheu and the majority of professionals present at the forum were not in favour of the proposed demolition of QEH.

"We need the building, there is no other replacement as yet. Its extent of damage is not at a critical stage. I would support the demolition if the whole building were crumbling.

"As it is, only certain portions are structurally damaged and these can be salvaged. From the engineer's point of view, the beams can be repaired," he pointed out.

On Ikram Sabah's Executive Director Vincent Tan's estimation that the structural repair of QEH will cost at least RM23.76 million, Dr Hiew, an engineer by training, said the figure could be exaggerated.

"You don't need that kind of money to repair partial damages. It won't cost that much, could be much less."

At this juncture, he said it was not fair and that the three professional bodies - Association of Consulting Engineers Malaysia (ACEM) Sabah Branch (headed by Joe Chow), Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) Sabah Branch (headed by John Chee) and Malaysian Institute of Architects (PAM) Sabah Chapter (headed by Sim Sie Hong) - should be given a chance to take a closer look for an unbiased and uncorrupted decision.

"They should have a say as this is a matter of public interest."
Dr Hiew reiterated his earlier call for a Master Development Plan for QEH, saying the smaller single-storey structures behind the Tower Block should be replaced with proper buildings.

He, however, said construction of the proposed Twin Tower Block (adjacent to the existing QEH) should start immediately.

"Go ahead with the project," he said.
Meanwhile, Dr Hiew, who left before noon to catch a flight to Kuala Lumpur for the current Parliamentary sitting, said he would meet up with Health Minister Datuk Liow Tiong Lai to urge the latter to speedily approve the funds for the construction.

"You have fantastic hospital buildings in Lahad Datu and Pitas but a lousy hospital in the State capital. The Government has money to buy the first SMC and now the second SMC, and maybe buying the third SMC. Who knows?
"But no money to build a proper State hospital,"
he lamented while claiming that his mother once slept on a mattress on the floor at QEH.

Source : Daily Express

This how UMNOed BN treat Sabahan...............

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