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Wind of Change

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Project Saving Sabah

In 1970, Sabah ranked as one of the richest states in the federation, with a per capita GDP second only to Selangor (which then included Kuala Lumpur).

However, despite its vast wealth of natural resources, Sabah is currently the poorest of Malaysia's states.

Fast forward to 2008, average incomes are now among the lowest in Malaysia, and with a considerably higher cost of living than in West Malaysia.

In 2000 Sabah had an unemployment rate of 5.6 per cent, the highest of any Malaysian state and almost twice the national average of 3.1 per cent.

The state has the highest povety level in the country at 16 per cent, more than three times the national average.

Part of the problem is the inequitable distribution of wealth between state and federal governments, and large numbers of illegal immigrants from Indonesia, the Philippines, even East Timor, whose population was estimated to be in the region of half a million people.

In 2004 the poverty level worsened to 22 per cent.

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Now the issue here is Sabah have been under the Alliance/BN rule since 1963. An the last decade under UMNO.

UMNO seem to have UMNOed all the BN components party to the extend none have the guts to stand up for Sabahan.

All the resources that Sabah have, Sabah have no say in the management of this resources. The timber industry is in its twilight years. The Palm Oil Industry is in the hands of non Sabahan, the Oil and Gas is a nationalised property.

Question is how could Sabah in about 30 years (45 year being in Malaysia) from one of the richest state became the poorest with multiple social problems.

The answer is simple, Sabah have been played out by UMNOed BN Government.

So Sabahan, what say you, kita sia bah buli SEP SABAH from the UMNOed BN Goboment.

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