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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sabah: Rights groups talking nonsense

Sabah: Rights groups talking nonsense
Arianna | Aug 8, 08 3:30pm
I refer to the Malaysiankini report, Crackdown on illegals slammed. (Detail of the report read The Star.)

I would like to say to these rights groups, ‘Come and see the situation in Sabah first otherwise, shut up!’ That's all I have to say to these so-called rights groups.

Apparently you lot know nothing about the situation in Sabah. Is it 'noble' of you to take up the illegal immigrants’ plight and portray them as 'helpless and victimised people'. Really?

I do have compassion for foreigners, illegal or otherwise, but I do not condone their acts of coming into Sabah - by the millions for your information - through the back door.

Ask any Sabahan who has lived with these illegals all our lives. Remember, this is almost a 40-year-old problem. Today, their population compared to locals is 3 to 1 in their favour.

We've seen them slowly taking over our towns. Adults and children alike sell contraband not to mention the illegal hawking that cause headaches for the local authorities, police, local population and the health department.

Hey, they even make Sabah their 'war zone' by settling decades-old feuds that more often than not end up with killings. Ask the police if you doubt.

We've seen them introducing and smuggling in illegal drugs like 'syabu', bringing in firearms, a host of diseases all of which have resulted in a dramatic increase in our crime rate. Why do you think many of our homes are like ‘prisons’ installed with grills and extra padlocks?

Don't take my word for all this. I am sure the respective authorities would be more than happy to supply you with real statistics.

Why don't you rights groups visit our hospitals especially those in the east coast of Sabah? And our schools too. See for yourself how these illegals enjoy the facilities and rights that are only reserved for Malaysians.

You may also ask the health, education and defence ministries how much they've spent to provide such 'privileges' to these illegals. They run into the hundreds of millions of ringgit and that's Malaysian taxpayers’ money, if you didn't already know.

By the way, we have hundreds of so-called citizen-less children of these illegal immigrants roaming our streets either begging or harassing people to buy their plastic bags of contraband and even indulging in street gambling.

Since your rights groups are 'compassionate' towards these illegals, come on over and adopt these kids or build a home for them. Don't just talk. Walk the talk.

Did I mention that these illegals are mercenaries too? Hey, you can buy them for RM30 to RM50 per person to stage riots for you like they did in 1986. Or be used as 'phantom voters' in general elections.

So what do you great rights groups suggest we do? Give them permanent resident status like what a Sabah Umno leader suggested recently? And compromise the country's laws?

And when word of this gets around, wouldn't you think millions more would come to Sabah and once again out of compassion, we should grant them PR status?

Compassion has its limits. We Sabahans have reached our maximum limit. We have been more charitable than you rights groups can even imagine.

And look, we have been taken for granted. The illegals have overstayed their welcome. If these people want to work in Sabah, go back home and come back through the proper channels.

Otherwise, let our laws deal with them accordingly.

Source : Malaysiakini

1 comment:

::alpha_angel:: said...

Yikes. Looking at that article, I feel like strangling them "the right groups". That is the most stupidest thing I've ever read. Why would they want to protect illegal foreigners? Don't they know doing so will give the illegals the freedom to do whatever they like. What the heck are they trying to do? tsk,tsk..Instead of protecting these people, they might as well come here and see the situation themselves and boy, the law enforcers would be glad to give out the statistic. Maybe by then, it would make them realize that they are making stupid assumptions...:(